Lion of the Sky

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    Sky skippers, tasty treasures, cold confetti, meadows of stars, and more—can you guess who we all are?

    Lion of the Sky

    One of us is a wind bird, a sky skipper, a diamond dipper, dancing on your string. Another is red, delicious—with a quick twist of your wrist, you free it from the tree. You gasp when one of us roars, mane exploding, sizzling—a lion of the sky. Two of us are knitted twins, soft as kittens, warm as hugs, waiting to hold your hands.

    Who are we? Do you think you might already know? Come along for a colorful guessing game that features all four seasons. The answers hide in haikus, masked in riddles. Some are easy, some are hard to guess—but each one loves to be discovered just as much as the rest.

    Beautiful and creative, Lion of the Sky manages to make poetry, haikus, and riddles accessible to young readers. The book explores all four seasons with striking visuals, adding an extra hint for each riddle’s answer. Written by Laura Purdie Salas, illustrated by Mercè López, and published by Millbrook Press.


    SPRING: kite, umbrella, nest, flower bud, earthworm, puddle

    SUMMER: dandelion, mosquito, sandcastle, baseball, fireflies, fireworks

    FALL: school, pencil, apple, leaf pile, jack-o'-lantern, squirrel

    WINTER: mittens, snow, ice skates, snow angel, star, snoozing bear

    Laura Purdie Salas
    Mercè López
    April 2019