Lili the Lioness & Friends

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    When head girl Lili the Lioness loses her voice, her friends at Jungle School help her find strength and courage in adversity.

    Lili the Lioness & Friends

    Have you ever created a special cheer to encourage yourself? Like your very own personal pep talk?

    This is what lovely Lili the Lioness does! Clever Lili invents her own power cheer because as Jungle School’s head girl, she has so much to do for her friends! Unfortunately, Lili is roaring her power cheer far too often, and loses her voice! This is very worrying because Lili has a special announcement for the students of Jungle School very soon!

    Oh dear…what will she do?

    A note from the creators at Love, Bonito:

    Written, designed and produced at Love, Bonito, this impactful read highlights the importance of community and cheering each other on through life’s ups and downs – a reflection of what Love, Bonito stands for. The physical book is available for sale globally, while stocks last. Through the creation of this picture book, Love, Bonito is supporting the education of girls in historically low-income communities in Asia for a year — at a target goal of USD $30,000 — helping them to build skills to succeed in school and negotiate key life decisions. In partnership with Vooks and Finding Pictures, we've launched the animated video version of the book, exclusively available on Vooks' platform, to help raise awareness for girls' education.

    Vanessa Yeo Barger
    Lee Jia Zhen
    September 2022