Lil Poo

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    Lil Poo is on a quest to find his home. He looks high and low, far and wide, but nowhere seems to fit! Luckily, a friend shows up right on time to ...Read More

    Lil Poo

    Lil Poo is a delightfully quirky and undeniably fun adventure story that will help get young kids excited about potty training and ready to take the potty plunge!

    Where does Lil Poo live? In a nest? A cave? The desert? A mountain top? No place seems right, no matter where he looks. Luckily, as frustration sets in, Lil Poo meets a friend, Toilet Paper, who shows him where he belongs. When he arrives, there’s a “potty” and a celebration underway to welcome him home!

    A Vooks Original, Lil Poo is a story to help young kids get excited about potty training. Written and illustrated by Jonathan Sundy.

    Jonathan Sundy
    Jonathan Sundy
    August 2022