Let's Meet a Veterinarian

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    Dr. Kate is a veterinarian. Today, she’s visiting the school to give Henry, the class guinea pig, his routine checkup.

    Let's Meet a Veterinarian

    What does a veterinarian do? Today, Dr. Kate is visiting the school—and she’s going to give Henry, the class guinea pig, a checkup. Veterinarians help keep animals healthy. She checks Henry’s eyes and ears. Then she shows the students some of her tools. One is a hairbrush. Veterinarians groom their patients by trimming beaks, washing hooves, and even brushing teeth.

    Of course, Vets have many tools for solving pet-related problems. She even uses some of the same tools that people doctors use, like a stethoscope for listening to the heart, and an x-ray for looking at bones. Before she leaves, can you guess what Dr. Kate prescribes for little Henry?

    Let's Meet a Veterinarian gives young readers a look at how veterinarians care for the animals in our homes, on our farms, and at our zoos. By showing the simple ways we can care for the animals we love, the story shows the basic similarities between human and animal health. Written by Gina Bellisario, illustrated by Cale Atkinson, and published by Millbrook Press.

    Gina Bellisario
    Cale Atkinson
    January 2013