Let's Meet a Doctor

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    What do doctors do? Let’s join a field trip and ask Dr. Zambil, a doctor who’s just for kids.

    Let's Meet a Doctor

    What do doctors do? Let’s join the field trip to the clinic. While you’re there, you’ll meet Dr. Zambil, a doctor who helps kids feel their best. When a kid is sick or hurt, he figures out what’s wrong and makes a plan to help them get better. He also checks up on kids who feel fine—by listening to their heart, making sure they eat well, and encouraging them to exercise.

    When he isn’t at the clinic, Dr. Zambil teaches at the hospital. To become a doctor, you have to go to grade school, high school, college, and medical school—and you also have to do training. Can you guess how many years Dr. Zambil went to school? Come along and find out!

    Let’s Meet a Doctor is an age-appropriate look at what pediatricians do, making doctors a bit less scary for young readers. The narrative highlights the role exercise and diet play in our overall health, and touches on the topics of broken bones, checkups, and shots. Written by Bridget Heos, illustrated by Mike Moran, and published by Millbrook Press.

    Bridget Heos
    Mike Moran
    January 2013