Let's Meet a Construction Worker

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    What do construction workers do? Let’s ask Mr. Moore, the construction worker who’s helping build the new school.

    Let's Meet a Construction Worker

    What do construction workers do? Let’s join a field trip to the construction site. While you’re there, you’ll meet Mr. Moore, the boss in charge of building the new school. Mr. Moore and the construction workers use a lot of trucks. Some have strong arms. Others have big metal teeth. Construction workers operate the machines, guiding all the heavy loads.

    Following the plans that the architects drew, Mr. Moore will be sure everyone stays safe—by wearing hardhats and orange vests—and that leftover materials get recycled. When Mr. Moore and his team are done, it’ll be a “green” school. Can you guess what that means? Come along and find out if you’re right!

    A thorough overview of how construction projects are managed from start to finish, Let’s Meet a Construction Worker includes important details—like staying outside the fence of a construction site, always taking safety precautions, and responsibly cleaning up messes. The narrative also introduces the topics of recycling and solar energy. Written by Bridget Heos, illustrated by Mike Moran, and published by Millbrook Press.

    Bridget Heos
    Mike Moran
    January 2013