Landon Rides the Subway

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    Landon is going to the museum with his mom. To get there, he’ll have to do something magical: Ride the NYC subway.

    Landon Rides the Subway

    Today is an exciting day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Landon is going to visit the Museum of Natural History with his mom. He’s heard so many things about the museum. There’s a room full of butterflies, a huge whale hanging off the ceiling, and even giant dinosaur bones. He can hardly wait to get their tickets and walk inside.

    But to get to the museum, Landon will have to do something he’s never done before—something that will open an entire world, hidden right beneath New York City. In the end, Landon might learn an important lesson: That when you open your heart to the world around you, the journey can be as magical as the destination.

    Touching on themes of exploration, family bonds, and enthusiasm for trying new things, Landon Rides the Subway is a warm, lighthearted ode to the joys of childhood wonder. Written by Diana Perez, illustrated by Yip Jar Design, and published by Storybook Genius.

    Diana Perez
    Yip Jar Design
    June 2018