Kirby the Easter Dog: A Pop-Up Easter Egg Hunt

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    In this animated pop-up, a barnful of friends joins Kirby the Easter Dog for an egg hunt. Can you help find them all?

    Kirby the Easter Dog: A Pop-Up Easter Egg Hunt

    The pigs are snoring, the horses asleep, the cows all wearing their nightcaps—until Kirby the Easter dog wakes them up for an early-morning Easter adventure. Once again, the lovable Labrador retriever has hidden eggs all over the farm. With spyglasses, pitchforks, a wheelbarrow, and more, it’s a race to see who can find the most eggs before they’re gone.

    Join a crew of enthusiastic barnyard friends as they help each other search ponds, haystacks, chicken coops, and meadows. At the end, you’ll find out how many eggs Kirby hid. Can you find them all? If you missed a few, don’t worry—Kirby the Easter Dog will be back again next year!

    Kirby the Easter Dog is a lighthearted story that touches on themes of being yourself, helping others even in a competition, and enjoying yearly traditions. Written by George White, illustrated by Holli Conger, paper-engineered by Renee Jablow, and published by Jumping Jack Press in 2008, the book is dedicated to a real black Labrador retriever named Kirby. His legacy and playfulness live on.

    George White
    Holli Conger
    February 2008