Kindergarrrten Bus

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    It be the first day of kindergarrrten. High time for little scoundrels to board the ship—err, the bus. All aboard!

    Kindergarrrten Bus

    It be the first day of kindergarrrten. It also be the bus driver’s first day drivin’ a bus. No, don’t be scared. Pirates don’t get scared. There be rules here to keep things in ship shape—the Pirate’s Code. First, ye’ll meet the driver’s parrot, Polly. Then ye’ll stay in yer seat. There’ll be no yellin’. And ye’ll keep yer hooks—er, hands—to yerself!

    But when Polly goes missin’, what then? What will ye do when the bus driver starts blubberin’? Because it’s not okay for a pirate to be scared, not even if his Polly has flown away. Right? Or maybe… maybe bein’ brave doesn’t mean bein’ fearless, but doin’ what needs doin’ even when yer scared. Eh? Blimey.

    Kindergarrrten Bus is a hilarious and clever tale about how we deal with fears and uncertainties, and how our children are impacted by the coping skills we do (or do not) possess. The book not only makes the transition to kindergarten feel fun and exciting, it also shows that anxieties are a normal part of new experiences. Written by Mike Ornstein, illustrated by Kevin M. Barry, and published by Sleeping Bear Press.

    Mike Ornstein
    Kevin M. Barry
    July 2018