Kevin's Kwanzaa

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    Kevin can’t wait to set out the unity cup, light the candles, and dance, drum, and eat. It’s time to celebrate Kwanzaa!

    Kevin's Kwanzaa

    Kevin is making decorations to celebrate a special African American holiday: Kwanzaa! This year, he got to decorate the unity cup. His mom lays a mat on the table, adds the candleholder and candles, and sets out an ear of corn for each kid. There are also presents. Tonight, grandpa will light the first candle. In six days, at the end of Kwanzaa, Kevin will light one too!

    Come join Kevin as he learns important Swahili words, thinks about his community goals, and attends a Kwanzaa party full of drumming, dancing, and eating. You might know all about the importance of Kwanzaa—or maybe this will be your first chance to attend.

    Kevin’s Kwanzaa offers an introductory peek into Kwanzaa, the African American holiday that’s now celebrated around the world. Written by Lisa Bullard, illustrated by Constanza Basaluzzo, and published by Millbrook Press.

    Lisa Bullard
    Constanza Basaluzzo
    August 2012