Jack's House

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    Jack built his own house—or so he says. But there’s another version of the story that goes a little different.

    Jack's House

    Meet Jack and his dog Max. Jack is building a new house all by himself—or at least, that’s how he tells it. But when the land gets scraped by the bulldozer, and the cellar gets dug by the backhoe, and the floor gets poured by the cement mixer, and the bricks get hoisted by the forklift, and the windows get delivered by the rack truck, and the shingles get raised by the boom truck, where is Jack?

    Come along with Max as the house gets built one step and truck at a time. Jack might spend the whole day relaxing in the hammock that Max hung. But then, something unexpected might happen when the house is finally complete.

    Ideal for the truck enthusiasts among us, Jack’s House is a humorous twist on the classic nursery rhyme. While walking young readers through a simple overview of how a home is built, the narrative plays on the theme of getting what you work for. Written by Karen Magnuson Beil, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka, and published by Holiday House.

    Karen Magnuson Beil
    Mike Wohnoutka
    September 2009