It's a Firefly Night

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    When the moon is high and the stars are bright, Daddy tells me, “It’s a firefly night!”

    It's a Firefly Night

    The sky is dark, the moon is high above. Trees sway softly as a gentle breeze warms the air. Grass tickles bare toes and feels cool underfoot. Fireflies flicker and glow under the dim light of the moon and stars. It is the perfect night for one of nature’s most magical light shows.

    Follow along with one little girl and her daddy, as they search for fireflies. A game of catch and release turns into a lesson in counting from one to ten, as the little girl sets the tiny glowing lightning bugs free. This gentle and calming book is filled with fun firefly facts and a rhyming, rhythmic story. It’s a Firefly Night is written by Dianna Ochiltree, illustrated by Betsy Snyder and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Dianne Ochiltree
    Betsy Snyder
    July 2018