Irving Berlin: The Immigrant Boy Who Made America Sing

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    When Irving must flee his home in Russia, he starts a new life in America. What comes next begins with a song.

    Irving Berlin: The Immigrant Boy Who Made America Sing

    When Irving’s home is burned, his family is forced to flee to America. The trip across the ocean isn’t easy—but when Irving glimpses the Statue of Liberty, the whole boat sings her a grateful song. In New York City, Irving begins a new life. More songs begin to fill his head. Songs that sound like the clank of a railcar, shouts of laughter, the hum of a city full of life.

    Come along with Irving as his creative spirit grows into something much bigger than himself. Melodies might be enough to lift his family out of poverty. One might even go on to inspire an entire country—an anthem of gratitude and hope for the land that became his new home.

    Following songwriter Irving Berlin’s remarkable life, this story underscores the power of hope, hard work, and limitless creativity. Though his songs were celebrated and performed by countless talented musicians, Irving is best known for his ode to his new home, “God Bless America.” Written by Nancy Churnin and illustrated by James Rey Sanchez, Irving Berlin is published by Creston Books, LLC.

    Nancy Churnin
    James Rey Sanchez
    May 2018