I'll Love You For Always

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    "Where'er you go, whatever you do... My love will keep surrounding you. It does. It always will."

    I'll Love You For Always

    There are few things as powerful to a child as the kind and affirming words from a loved one. In I’ll Love You For Always, little ones are encouraged to carry these words with them wherever they go. Whether in sunshine or in shadow, in peaks or in valleys, in places unfamiliar or in places well-known—nothing can stop the love of a parent or guardian for their child.

    This beautiful title encourages parents, guardians, or loved ones to not only speak words of affirmation to their child, but to write them down as well—to put their words into physical form, however simple or elaborate they may be.

    I’ll Love You For Always is written by Peter Hinckley and illustrated by Lu Green, and is published by Familius, a values-driven publisher on a mission to teach, inspire and bring families together.

    Peter Hinckley
    Lu Green
    December 2017