I Dig Being Kind

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    Digging holes, carrying loads, playing games, helping friends—can you name all the ways a truck can be kind to others?

    I Dig Being Kind

    When the new day begins, there are lots of ways for Excavator and the other construction trucks to be kind. There are holes to dig. There are loads (and even friends) to carry up, up, and out of tough situations. There are trucks to wash, and pull, and help along the way. There are even games to play—like digging for hidden treasure.

    With so many ways to be kind to each other, we can’t squeeze it all into one day. Tomorrow, there will be more holes to dig, more friends to help, and more loads to carry. Come back in the morning to lend Crane, Backhoe, Bulldozer, and the other trucks a hand!

    Written by Michele Robbins and illustrated by Ekaterina Ladatko, I Dig Being Kind touches on the many ways we can help one another—with talents specific to us as individuals or simply being present enough to see another’s needs. I Dig Being Kind brings back the adorable cast of trucks from I Dig Bathtime. Published by Familius.

    Michele Robbins
    Ekaterina Ladatko
    October 2020