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    Today, Hiku’s whole family is coming for a visit. But Hiku doesn’t feel like being with family—he wants to be alone.


    Today, Hiku feels grumpy. The ice is too bright, the sun is too hot, and his mummy woke him up too early. Then Hiku remembers his whole family is coming for a visit—which is the last thing he wants right now. He doesn’t feel like smiling, being polite, and getting teased by his aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and cousins. He wants to be alone.

    But when Hiku sneaks off to his special snow hole, he starts to think about all the fun times he’s had with his family. Will Hiku realize he’s missing out on having fun and making memories? And if he does, will he make it back in time for the family photo? Come along with Hiku and find out!

    Hiku is a story about how, with a little space and time to think, even grumpy days can get better. The narrative shows that feeling unhappy can be normal, and that it’s okay to take time for oneself when you’re not feeling up to socializing. Written by Nicole Snitselaar, illustrated by Coralie Saudo, and published by Top That! Publishing.

    Nicole Snitselaar
    Coralie Saudo
    June 2010