Henry and Bea

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    Henry and Bea are best friends. Then suddenly, Henry stops talking to Bea. She knows something’s wrong. But what?

    Henry and Bea

    Henry and Bea are the best of friends. Then one day, Henry stops talking to Bea. He won't joke with her in class, and he won't sit with her at lunch. Bea can tell something's wrong, and she's determined to find out what it is. When their teacher announces that the class is taking a field trip to a farm, Bea hopes it’ll be a chance for the two to reconnect.

    But at the farm, Henry is still distant. Will he ever tell Bea what’s going on? Or is their friendship simply over? Come along as Bea helps her friend work through the difficult emotions that come with grief, loss, and finding closure.

    An age-appropriate look at grieving the death of a pet, Henry and Bea portrays the complicated emotions that come with losing something (or someone) you love. Themes of rejection, closure, and relational turbulence feature in the story. Written and illustrated by Jessixa Bagley and published by Neal Porter Books.

    Jessixa Bagley
    Jessixa Bagley
    October 2019