Harry Bear and Friends: Opposites

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    Big, little, near, and far, Harry Bear and his friends do many different things—but they like to do them together.

    Harry Bear and Friends: Opposites

    Big is the opposite of little. Which means that little is the opposite of big. What’s the opposite of near? Or the opposite of front? Up, down, far, and back, as Harry Bear looks for his friends, he finds them in situations that teach him how opposites can both look and feel.

    Come along with Harry Bear, Moe Worm, Yuki Mouse, Maya Bird, Joe Squirrel, and Emily Rabbit as they explore all kinds of opposites. Sometimes, being different isn’t what keeps us apart. Sometimes, it’s what draws us together.

    With cuddly illustrations and an accessible, concise narrative, Harry Bear and Friends: Opposites is an early-concept book on the topic of differences. Written and illustrated by Elliot Kreloff, and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Elliot Kreloff
    Elliot Kreloff
    March 2007