Gossie & Gertie

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    Gossie and Gertie are friends, best friends. Wherever Gossie goes, Gertie follows. Or, does she?

    Gossie & Gertie

    Gossie and Gertie are friends, best friends. These lovable little goslings do everything together—like splashing in the rain, playing hide-and-seek, and diving in the pond. No matter the fun adventure, Gossie leads the way, and Gertie is sure to follow. That is, until one day.

    Gossie and Gertie explores friendship in a simple and easy to understand way that resonates with little ones. The endearing story is written and illustrated by Olivier Dunrea, and published by HMH Books for Young Readers. This sweet tale of two besties is sure to be loved by all.

    Olivier Dunrea
    Olivier Dunrea
    January 2021
    6m 08s