Ghost Afraid of the Dark

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    A ghost that’s afraid of the dark?! How can this be? Come follow Boo as he learns about bravery.

    Ghost Afraid of the Dark

    Boo the Ghost absolutely loves Halloween! There’s just one little problem: Boo is terribly afraid of the dark! As a ghost, this simply will not do—ghosts can’t be afraid of the dark... right? Boo seeks the help of his most trusted monster friends who help him learn a valuable lesson. Kids will love following along with Boo and his friends as they make stinky potions, boogie down on the dance floor and howl at the moon. In the end, little ones will learn that even though being brave can be really hard, friends and loved ones can help us be courageous when we feel too scared to do it on our own.

    With charming illustrations and a heart-warming message, Ghost Afraid of the Dark is a spooky delight for the whole family! Ghost Afraid of the Dark is written by Sara Conway, illustrated by Alex Willmore, and published by Rainstorm Publishing.

    Sara Conway
    Alex Willmore
    January 2019