From Maybe to Forever

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    Waiting for a new brother or sister is hard to do. How does a “maybe baby” become a part of a loving adoptive family?

    From Maybe to Forever

    A little girl and her dog Buddy are waiting for their new baby brother or sister. To pass the time, she makes crayon drawings of the baby. It helps her tell Buddy a story about how the whole process works. How sometimes, there are mothers who love their babies but know it’s better for them to live with another family. Those mothers look for a family that’s waiting for a baby. A family like hers and Buddy’s.

    Buddy isn’t very patient. But the little girl knows the big day is coming soon. When it finally gets here, she’ll draw a big welcome picture. The “maybe baby” will be someone they can love forever—and the baby can love them too!

    From Maybe to Forever gently explains the complex adoption process for younger readers. Told from the perspective of an older sibling, the endearing narrative shows how many different kinds of families there can be, and how much love they all have to give. Written by M.L. Gold and her granddaughter N.V. Fong, From Maybe to Forever is illustrated by Jess Hong and published by Creston Books.

    M. L. Gold, N. V. Fong
    Jess Hong
    September 2020