Fried Rice & Marinara

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    Young Mikey Yam is about to turn four, but deciding what type of food to have at his party is creating a jumble of possibilities!

    Fried Rice & Marinara

    Birthday parties are so much fun: the friends, the family, the games, the gifts, and, of course, the food! But what type of food do you serve at a birthday party when your family is from two different cultures? Young Mikey Yam is having a hard time choosing between the Italian food of his mother’s side and the Chinese cuisine of his dad’s. So, he turns to his grannies, Bahboo and Nonna, for advice.

    “Ravioli or Dumplings? Linguine or Lo Mein? All of these options were hurting his brain.”

    Join Young Mikey as he decides which type of food to have for his birthday party, and the important life lesson he learns along the way.

    A Vooks Original, Fried Rice & Marinara is a rhyming story about two cultures coming together to create something special. Written by Mike Yam and illustrated by Laura Dong.

    Mike Yam
    Laura Dong
    June 2022