Fox and the Last Piece of Pie

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    Fox loves apples, but he loves baking his famous apple pie even more. Will he share with his forest friends?

    Fox and the Last Piece of Pie

    It’s a perfect day for pie, and Fox knows just the place to find the best apples in the forest. He needs 10 apples to bake his famous apple pie and, to his delight, that’s exactly how many he finds at the apple tree.

    As Fox mixes, rolls, peels, and chops back in his kitchen, his forest friends, Bear and Raccoon, each visit the same apple tree looking for a juicy, red snack. But both discover that there are no apples left! Soon, the sweet smell of a freshly baked apple pie cooling in a window brings Bear and Raccoon to Fox’s house. The friends happily share the tasty treat, but what will they do with the very last piece?

    Written by Leslie Falconer, illustrated by Chris Lensch, and published by Early Experience Learning Co.

    Leslie Falconer
    Chris Lensch
    January 2018