Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book

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    A world of flowers blooms to life in this beautiful book about plant life and the animals that interact with it.

    Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book

    Flutter into the amazing world of flowers and plant life, to see how plants and animals interact in wondrous ways. From bees to hummingbirds, bats to butterflies—all interact with flowers in unique ways. Flowers are more than just beautiful; they are a vital part of our natural world.

    Originally created as a deluxe pop-up book, Flora is full of beautiful artwork and engaging information. The wonder of the plant world blooms before your eyes, in this delightful botanical themed book. From Jumping Jack Press — a division of Up With Paper — Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book, by Yoojin Kim, is written by Nicole Yen, illustrated by Kathryn Selbert and engineered by Yoojin Kim.

    Nicole Yen
    Yoojin Kim & Kathryn Selbert
    May 2020