Finding Free Fun

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    Zayn is on the hunt for Free Fun, but where could it be? What does it look like? Is it short or tall, yellow or green? Is it inside or outside? How...Read More

    Finding Free Fun

    Zayn loves going on adventures with his dad. After a particularly great day, he asks his dad what made the day so perfect. “We had Free Fun,” his dad answers. Zayn’s dad tells him that Free Fun is a magical thing, something that you must find on your own. So, off Zayn goes on a quest to find Free Fun for himself.

    After a day of searching in every place he can think of, Zayn worries he might never find Free Fun. He awakes the next morning with his dad’s words buzzing in his brain: “Every answer in life can be found while looking at waves.” That’s it—the ocean! Zayn and his dad grab their surfboards and race to the beach. When a powerful wave crashes down, forcing Zayn below the surf, he opens his eyes underwater and finally finds what he’s been looking for.

    A Vooks Original, Finding Free Fun is a mindful, meditative story about slowing down and finding fun in life’s everyday moments and places. Written by Yogi Roth and illustrated by Roxanne Rainville.

    Yogi Roth
    Roxanne Rainville
    October 2022