Earth Yay!

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    While visiting the other planets, Earth learns its friends are all good at something. But what’s special about Earth?

    Earth Yay!

    When Earth gets a bit lonely, it decides to visit its friends in the solar system. They’re all talented in their own, special ways: Mercury is crazy fast, racing around the sun four times faster than Earth. Uranus is super cool, with sweet shades and temperatures that can reach -371° Fahrenheit. Jupiter is not only big, but it's also light on its feet when it dances.

    So, what makes Earth special? It’s not the biggest, or fastest, or coldest. Does that mean it’s the most boring? Or is there something else that makes Earth a special place—even if it looks like just a tiny blue marble to everyone else?

    Written and illustrated by Jonathan Sundy, Earth Yay! explores Earth by celebrating what makes every planet unique. With playful themes of friendship, self-expression, and celebrating differences, Earth Yay! is a loving ode to the planet we all call home. This title is a Vooks original.

    Jonathan Sundy
    Jonathan Sundy
    April 2021