Dream You'll Be

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    Do you dream about who and what you’ll grow up to be? A mountain climber, a movie star, a captain of the sea?

    Dream You'll Be

    Dreaming is good most anytime, but it’s especially good at night. And when you dream, what do you dream you’ll be? A mountain climber brave, or a captain of the sea? A movie star with your name up in lights, or a superhero flying around in tights? Maybe you’ll be a doctor saving people’s lives, or a beekeeper tending buzzing hives.

    A world of magic is waiting to be discovered—magic maybes for imagined somedays that wait in your future. No matter who or what you choose to be, one thing is for sure: You have a whole lot of options. And of course, you can always change your mind.

    A love letter to the endless possibilities of youth, Dream You’ll Be imagines all the futures a child can pursue. Written by Joseph T. Garcia in a rhythmic poem, the book is illustrated by Kimberley Barnes and published by Rainstorm Publishing.

    Joseph T. Garcia
    Kimberley Barnes
    May 2018