Does a Camel Cook Spaghetti?

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    These animals all eat different foods—but do they know how to cook? Let’s find out!

    Does a Camel Cook Spaghetti?

    Camels can go for a month without food. But do they know how to cook spaghetti? Squirrels store up nuts and seeds for the winter. But can they whip up salad dressing? Bears eat fish, nuts, berries, and honey. But do they know how to fry bacon and eggs? Raccoons wash their food before they eat it—but do they know how to roast a hot dog?

    Monkeys use tools like sticks and grass to find food—but of all the animals, only humans cook their meals. What else do humans do to make interesting and delicious recipes? And how do those dishes differ depending on where we live? Come along for a tasty journey and find out!

    An informative look at where and how animals get their food, Does a Camel Cook Spaghetti? starts conversations about cooking tools, varied diets, and eating local. Written by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Emily Bolam, and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Harriet Ziefert
    Emily Bolam
    January 2014