Delia's Dull Day

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    According to Delia, her life is dull, dull, dull. But if Delia looked up, she might be surprised by what she’d see.

    Delia's Dull Day

    Nothing ever happens to poor Delia. Her life is dull, dull, dull. And yet, if Delia decided to look up or turn around, what do you think she’d notice? Probably not elephants marching through her house. And it’s unlikely she’d catch a pirate sitting behind her on the school bus. Really, what are the odds that a submarine would surface just as she gets out of the pool?

    Come join Delia for the dullest day you’ve ever read about. There definitely won’t be any hot air balloons, astronauts, ostriches, tight-ropers, dinosaurs, or blasts of butterflies coming out of her tuba during band class. At least, none that Delia will see.

    A (incredibly dull) story about how our perceptions shape our reality, Delia’s Dull Day reminds us that when we forget to pick our head up, we miss so many of life’s most exciting moments. Written and illustrated by Andy Myer, Delia’s Dull Day is published by Sleeping Bear Press.

    Andy Myer
    Andy Myer
    September 2012