Curious George Parade Day

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    Baking, playing, picnicking at the park—Parade Day is a blast. But when a horse gets loose, can George save the parade?

    Curious George Parade Day

    When he wakes up in the morning, George finds a surprise: a new flag at the foot of his bed. Today is Parade Day! To prepare, George begins by baking an apple pie for him and the man with the yellow hat to share at the park. Counting kites and trees during their picnic—playing Frisbee and hoops and hopscotch—spinning on the merry-go-round—a day like today is never dull when a monkey is around.

    But when the parade begins, something goes wrong. George accidentally spooks a horse, and the Lady Liberty float is ruined. Will George be able to fix things before the fireworks start? Or will Parade Day turn into a big disaster?

    Celebrating festivities and fun-filled traditions, Curious George Parade Day is a lighthearted story about participating in—and taking responsibility for—a community event. The narrative also highlights American icons like Lady Liberty. Based on Margret and H. A. Rey’s timeless character and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. This animated book stays true to the original watercolor and charcoal style.

    Monica Perez and Cynthia Platt
    Mary O'Keefe Young
    May 2011