Courageous First Ladies Who Changed The World

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    Can anyone change the world? These presidential women thought so—and they’ve got the life stories to prove it.

    Courageous First Ladies Who Changed The World

    Martha Washington grew up on a farm. Dolley Madison helped her mom run a boarding house. Eleanor Roosevelt became an orphan when she was nine years old. But like so many women before them, they didn’t let their circumstances determine who they’d be. They read, and they wrote. They taught, and they listened. And they left a mark on the world that we still see today in our parks, schools, and workplaces.

    From Washington to Obama, come learn from eleven courageous women who did their best to make change for the better. Will you change the world in your own way? And when you do, will your name be listed next to theirs? The whole world is waiting to find out.

    Courageous First Ladies Who Changed the World is an introduction to some incredible women who used their time in the White House to help others. Written by Heidi Poelman and illustrated by Giovana Medeiros, the book explores themes of selflessness, perseverance, humility, and the importance of learning. Published by Familius.

    Heidi Poelman
    Giovana Medeiros
    September 2020