Chocolate Mud Cake

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    Ken and his sister Jen are baking a mud cake. What’s their recipe? Dirt, water, sand, nuts, berries, and leaves!

    Chocolate Mud Cake

    Ken is playing a game. He’s baking a mud cake—and his sister Jen is going to help. They start off with crumbled dirt for the base. Jen adds water, but she adds a little too much. So Ken uses sand to fix the batter. Next, he adds nuts and berries. Jen puts in the garnish of leaves. Next it’s time to mix and stir, stir and mix. Then they bake the cake in the hot sun!

    What happens when the mud cake is all done baking? Will they have a slice, or will there be an even tastier treat for them to share? Come along for an afternoon of make-believe cooking with siblings in the sun.

    Following the game so many children play, Chocolate Mud Cake explores themes of working together, solving problems, and using our imaginations. Written by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Maxine Lee, and published by Brain Food Kids.

    Harriet Ziefert
    Maxine Lee
    January 2020