Can U Save the Day?

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    When the vowels all leave, things start to go wrong on the farm. Can U save the day and bring the consonants and vowels back together again?

    Can U Save the Day?

    When the consonants start teasing the vowels about their small numbers, the vowels decide to take off, one by one. But, then things start to go bad on the farm. With some of the vowels gone, the farm animals can’t seem to talk right. The cow’s “moo” becomes “m--”; the horse’s “neigh” becomes “n--gh”; and the birds’ “tweet” becomes “tw--t.” Soon, bad turns to worse! When the consonants are in danger, can U save the day and set the alphabet right again?

    The alphabet comes to life in this fun and silly story. From consonants to vowels, grammar and even creative problem solving, Can U Save the Day? is perfect for learning and for laughs.

    Can U Save the Day? is written by Shannon Stocker, illustrated by Tom Disbury, and published by Sleeping Bear Press.

    Shannon Stocker
    Tom Disbury
    August 2019