But First, We Nap

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    Rabbit wants to play. Sloth wants to sleep. Who will win in this laugh-along nap-time struggle?

    But First, We Nap

    All Rabbit wants to do is play. All Sloth wants to do is sleep. This hilarious book will have kids young and old laughing along, as Rabbit continues to up his silly antics, in an attempt to wake up Sloth. Perfect for any time of the day, But First, We Nap shows the humorous side of what can be a common nap-time struggle.

    But First, We Nap is written by David W. Miles and published by Familius.

    *For those with photosensitive epilepsy concerns, there is a sequence containing flashing lights at 2:45.

    David Miles & Darya Dremova
    David Miles
    January 2018
    4m 03s