Bodega Cat

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    Chip is the boss of a bodega in New York City. He also happens to be a cat. How does a feline keep the place humming?

    Bodega Cat

    Meet Chip, the boss of a bodega in New York City. What’s a bodega? It’s a grocery store—but it’s also more than that. It’s a place to see friends, have fun, and grab the best Dominican food in the city. Throughout the day, Chip is there to make sure nothing gets missed, and everyone feels welcome. Sometimes, that means counting bottles of soap. Sometimes, it means playing hide-and-seek with the regulars.

    Come see the world through the eyes of a kitty who never rests… unless he’s chasing pigeons with his human brother Damian or taking a nap on a bag of potato chips. Day or night, in a rush or on a delivery, Chip will never let you down.

    Bodega Cat is an ode to New York’s feline friends and the people who give the city heart. The slice-of-life narrative explores themes of diversity, inclusion, community, and the richness to be found in shared experiences. Written and illustrated by Louie Chin, the book is published by POW! (a division of powerHouse Packaging & Supply, Inc.). Chip is based on a real, playful orange tabby named Simba.

    Louie Chin
    Louie Chin
    September 2019