Benji, the Bad Day, and Me

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    For Sammy and his neurodivergent little brother Benji, today is a very bad day. Could anything help it get better?

    Benji, the Bad Day, and Me

    Nothing seems to be going right for Sammy today. At school, he got in trouble for kicking a fence. Then the cafeteria ran out of his favorite pizza for lunch. After having to walk home in the pouring rain, Sammy finds his neurodivergent little brother Benji is having a bad day too. On days like this, Benji has a special play-box where he goes to feel cozy and safe.

    But while Sammy lovingly cares for Benji, Sammy doesn’t have a special place where he can feel protected. And he's convinced no one cares how he feels—or even notices him at all. But somebody is noticing, and they might have an idea of how to help Sammy feel a bit better.

    A touching, heartfelt story about the ways we process frustration and emotion, Benji, the Bad Day, and Me explores the power of familial relationships—especially between siblings. The story tenderly handles topics like neurodiversity and autism, sensory therapy, caring for loved ones, and honoring one’s feelings without judgment. Written by Sally J. Pla, illustrated by Ken Min, and published by Lee & Low Books Inc.

    Sally J. Pla
    Ken Min
    September 2018