Be Big! Beatrice's First Day of First Grade

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    Beatrice is about to start her first day of first grade—and she’s bringing a secret friend along for the ride.

    Be Big! Beatrice's First Day of First Grade

    All summer long, Beatrice has dreamed about her first day of first grade. Now that it’s here, she’s a little worried something could go wrong. What if she gets lost? What if her teacher isn’t nice? Her brother already told Beatrice that she can’t wear her favorite blue tutu to school. She’s not in kindergarten anymore.

    But before Beatrice can feel too upset, someone unexpected shows up—a secret friend, who might be the thing she needs to make it through the day. Will fitting in mean keeping all of her thoughts and feelings to herself? Or will her secret friend help Beatrice overcome her fears, giving her the confidence to Be Big?

    Written and illustrated by Katie Kizer, Be Big! Beatrice's First Day Of First Grade tells the story of being yourself even when you’re nervous—of overcoming your fears and being comfortable taking up your own space. The narrative inspires talks about self-expression, bravery, and life transitions. Published by Storybook Genius.

    Katie Kizer
    Katie Kizer
    April 2018