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    When this dog’s owner goes to school and there’s no one to play ball with, what is he to do?


    From the moment he wakes in his owner’s bed, to the moment he collapses for an afternoon nap, this dog just wants to play fetch. So, the dog and his owner play. They play while the girl gets dressed. They play until she walks out the door. But while the girl is at school, the dog is distraught. He tries to play fetch with the mom, and the cat, and even the baby, but none of them seem to understand.

    When the dog finally dozes back off in bed, his dreams are haunted by balls in space, balls on cakes, balls stuck down the endless tubes of giant toilets. Will the little girl ever return to play fetch? Can he possibly wait until she does?

    The silly story of a dog and his beloved ball, Ball imagines the emotional journey of a pup waiting for his next chance to play fetch. Written and illustrated by Mary Sullivan, and published by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

    Mary Sullivan
    Mary Sullivan
    January 2015