Alice's Magic Garden

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    Curiouser and curiouser! This is the story of Alice before the rabbit hole.

    Alice's Magic Garden

    Every great story has a beginning. In this wondrous prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice first learns how truly magical her world can be. Alice lived at the dreariest boarding school, void of color or cheer. But after discovering a secret garden, and filling it with her love and care, her circumstances begin to change in magical ways!

    Alice’s Magic Garden tells the story of Alice before the rabbit hole, before wonderland. This delightful story is brimming with charm, whimsy, and a heartfelt message about friendship and kindness. Alice’s Magic Garden is written by Henry Herz, illustrated by Natalie Hoopes, and published by Familius.

    Henry Herz
    Natalie Hoopes
    January 2018