A Horse Named Steve

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    One day, while walking through the forest, Steve (voiced by Rainn Wilson) finds a beautiful gold horn. It just might make him exceptional.

    A Horse Named Steve

    One day, while walking through the forest, Steve finds a beautiful gold horn. Instantly, he knows he has found the path to being exceptional. (That means special.) Steve ties the horn to the top of his head and prances off to show his friends. Everyone but Bob is impressed—and many are so inspired, they start tying items to the top of their heads as well.

    But when Steve finds his horn has gone missing, he’s devastated. (That means really bummed.) Frantically, he searches to find it. Because without his beautiful gold horn, Steve can’t be an exceptional horse. Can he? Come along with Steve as he sets out to find an answer, and a valuable life lesson along the way.

    Narrated by the exceptional Rainn Wilson, A Horse Named Steve is a story about how you can be special whether you’re different or whether you’re just like everyone else. It also celebrates the child-like impulse to be and do what feels fun in the moment. With light vocabulary-building elements, A Horse Named Steve is written and illustrated by Kelly Collier, and published by Kids Can Press.

    Kelly Collier
    Kelly Collier
    April 2017