10 Little Fish • 10 Pececitos

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    Yellow fish, blue fish, we count, two fish. Pez amarillo, pez azul, contamos dos peces.

    10 Little Fish • 10 Pececitos

    Harry Bear and his friends are back, this time in English and Spanish! Dive in, splash along, and count all the fun fish as they swim in the lake. From one to ten, and from diez to uno, count them all while learning opposites like short, long / corto, largo; descriptions like yellow, blue / amarillo, azul; actions like swim, dive / nadar, saltar; and so much more!

    10 Little Fish combines numbers with simple adjectives ("fish above, fish below; seven fish, fast and slow") and simple verbs ("swim and dive fish, here are five fish"). This fun story is a perfect way to introducing kiddos to language arts in both English y Español.

    Published by Blue Apple Books, 10 Little Fish is written by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Elliot Kreloff.

    Harriet Ziefert
    Elliot Kreloff
    April 2015